Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cognac Triple Choc Brownie

Cognac Triple Choc Brownie (Kimberley Costello)

·         300 g really soft butter (but not melted)
·         3/4 cup caster sugar
·         1.5 tsp vanilla
·         4 eggs at room temp, beaten
·         40 mls Cognac (Hennessy is good)
·         1.5 cups plain flour
·         1 cup good quality cocoa
·         Half cup White choc
·         Half cup Milk choc
·         Half cup Dark choc (70% cocoa solids)

In a mixer, cream butter and sugar until very pale. Add vanilla. Turn mixer on to low and add egg a little at a time and mix well after each addition. Add Cognac, and mix. In a large bowl, sift dry ingredients together. Take half of each chocolate and chop. Leave some chunky and chop the rest until quite fine. Add all choc and dry ingredients to the butter/sugar/egg mix and very gently fold together BY HAND until JUST MIXED. Turn mix out into a lined baking tray (roughly 20x30cm) and spread evenly into tin. Bake at 175 degrees celcius for 20-25 mins. A skewer should come out clean but not too clean. (nice and gooey in the middle best!)

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